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To Sell More, Sell Less

Today’s customer is overwhelmed with too much information and not enough time and attention span to digest it all. As such, the best salespeople have evolved and simplified their sales approach to be more responsive to over-burdened and over-saturated customers. … Continue reading

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To Communicate Better, Communicate Less

Today, we are all overwhelmed with communication of one type or another– too many and too mixed messages from our supervisors, too many E-Mails, too much information. In trying to absorb and process the daily blitz of messages and communication, … Continue reading

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Employee Training and Managerial Development for Free!!

More than ever, companies need to train and develop their employees and managers. As such, countless billions of dollars are spent on seminars, executive education, speakers, etc. The results, however, have been underwhelming. The dirty little secret is that, done … Continue reading

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Social Media for the B2B Executive

Social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, etc. – usually revolves around business to consumer (B2C) efforts. In it, companies are trying to reach many possible customers through their social media effort. For business to business (B2B) companies, the situation … Continue reading

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The Essential Drucker: Insights from the Original Management Guru

The Essential Drucker: The Best of Sixty Years of Peter Drucker’s Essential Writings on Management is an indispensable read to help you enhance your business leadership and improve your business. What makes it particularly interesting is that much of it … Continue reading

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Three Keys to Communication

As business leaders, much of our time is spent in communicating: Conveying our business goals and direction Reinforcing our values Following up Teaching and training our team Unfortunately, due to poor communication skills on our part, the distractions of relationships, … Continue reading

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For Better Business Results, Use Yellow Lights

Quick Question Why are functioning traffic lights at an intersection so much better than a policeman signaling traffic? The yellow light gives each driver a signal in advance, a heads-up allowing all approaching traffic to make decisions ahead of time … Continue reading

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Seek Out the True Truth

“There are three sides to every story: your side, my side and the truth. And no one is lying.” Robert Evans (Hollywood Producer) For business leaders, it is vital to seek out and find the “true truth” in order to … Continue reading

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Communicate the Vision… Teach the Vision

As a successful leader, you must …    Define and communicate the values and vision for your company Align the company and all employees towards your values and vision Engage and then develop the employees to act in accordance with … Continue reading

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Find Someone Doing Something Right Every Day

  Last time, we ended with a quote from the psychologist William James: “The deepest human need is the need to be appreciated.” As the leader of your company or business unit, one of your key roles is to build … Continue reading

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