Helpful Blogs

I find all of these blogs and websites to be useful to browse.  They give insights, opinions, and ideas that can help move you and your company forward.

George Bradt – Prime Genesis Blog  This blog / website is full of information and insight for new leaders or leaders stepping up to a new position.  Its focus is on executive on-boarding, and it helps new leaders and teams deliver better results faster.

Henrik Edberg – The Positivity Blog  Good blog to read through especially when you feel that your work-life is out of balance.  Key themes are simplicity, productivity and happiness.

Seth Godin – Seth Godin’s Blog  In this blog, Seth Godin riffs on marketing, social media, and getting your ideas heard and spread.  About half of the posts tend not to be relevant.  But, the rest are insightful for leaders.  And all the posts are short.

Darren Hardy – Publisher of Success Magazine  Good insight on being more effective and successful.  I particularly recommend his four part series: “The Overachiever vs. The Superachiever.”

Adam Hartung – The Phoenix Principle  Always insightful blog about strategy and marketing, including new product and market development.

Mark Herbert – New Paradigms  Mark is an experienced leader, human resources executive, and consultant.  His focus and the focus of his blogs and articles is on the importance to organizations of having employees aligned and fully engaged.

Rick McPartlin – The Revenue Game – CEO Challenge  This website and blog has excellent and insightful material on revenue generation.  As such, it is quite relevant for all of us as we seek to grow our businesses in this challenging economy.

Martin Zwilling – Start Up Professional Musings  Marty is a prolific blogger with a wide following who blogs on start-up and entrepreneurial issues.  But, his ideas have a great deal of relevance to leaders in the small to middle market space as well.


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