Build a Better B2B Business

Build a Better B2B Business

How Does a Company Move Forward?

In today’s complex world, the overwhelmed leadership team needs to tune out all the extraneous noise and excessive hype, and focus.  Simplify and focus the company relentlessly on three fundamentals – doing the right thing, winning teamwork, and satisfying the right customers.

Alive with ideas, anecdotes, quotes and personal experiences (both the successes and the failures), Build a Better B2B Business vividly and candidly describes the Winning Leadership that will help business leaders propel their companies to greater success.

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“Build a Better B2B Business is excellent and well done. The leadership fundamentals advocated are smartly reinforced with credible research and personal experience stories of the author. It is an easy and fast read covering relevant challenges in today’s business environment. This book can be used as a resource for senior leaders to refer back to for a quick reminder of basics needed to build a winning team and business.”

“David draws deeply from his own experience and from a wide array of other sources, making this a fascinating read. His self-effacing approach to lessons-learned is so much more valuable (and digestible) than that of other business authors who pound their chests and trumpet their own successes.  Read this. You’ll enjoy it, and you’ll learn from it.”

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Table of Contents

Section I – Overview

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Background

Section II – Business Leadership

Chapter 3 – The Goal of Business Leadership

Chapter 4 – The Fundamentals of Business Leadership

Chapter 5 – The Management Toolkit

Chapter 6 – Leadership 101

Chapter 7 – The Importance of Your Example

Chapter 8 – Work Through Your Leadership Team

Section III – Do the Right Thing

Chapter 9 – Do the Right Thing

Chapter 10 – Ethics and Integrity

Chapter 11 – Be Honest…Really Be Honest

Chapter 12 – Seek Out the “True Truth”

Chapter 13 – Determine Your Values and Goals

Chapter 14 – Align the Organization to Your Values and Goals

Section IV – Winning Teamwork

Chapter 15 – Winning Teamwork

Chapter 16 – Consistent Execution

Chapter 17 – Communication

Chapter 18 – Accountability

Chapter 19 – Motivate and Engage Your Team

Chapter 20 – Recognition

Chapter 21 – Continuous Learning

Section V – Customer Service

Chapter 22 – Customer Service

Chapter 23 – Value Your Customers

Chapter 24 – Satisfy Your Current Customers’ Needs

Chapter 25 – Grow Outward From Your Customer Base

Section VI – Conclusion

Chapter 26 – Wrap-Up

Chapter 27 – Final Exam