About David


As President of an up to $350M group of companies, I have built 22 different top-performing businesses.   These companies:

  • Performed
    • Achieved a yearly average return on net assests (RONA) of 32%.
    • Award for Top Performing Region (out of 15 regions) for fiscal 2016.
  • Improved
    • Led four business turnarounds that led to a combined profit improvement of $16M on sales of $67M.
    • Bettered safety performance to world class levels (75% fewer injuries than industry average)
    • Transformed a stodgy corporate culture into a positive, accountable, customer-centric, and quick responsive work environment.
  • Grew
    • Generated $53M (from a base of $135M) in new organic revenue by developing customer and market presence, repositioning existing product lines, and introducing new products and services.
    • Started up and built a turnkey services business to more than $30M in annual revenues.

As President of Winning B2B Leadership, I advised small to middle-market clients while writing two business books: Build a Better B2B Business and 110% Success.

I have an MBA with Distinction from the Wharton School and a BA from Williams College.

Leadership Values

As I have continually practiced and written in my two books (Build a Better B2B Business and 110% Success), my leadership philosophy centers around simplifying and focusing the business relentlessly on three fundamentals:

  • Doing the right thing
  • Building an aligned and engaged winning team
  • Creating a customer-centric business that delivers customer satisfaction

By focusing on and mastering these fundamentals, my businesses have succeeded financially, with its employees, in the marketplace, and with all other stakeholders.

In short, clarify…simplify…speed…results.


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