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Get to the Front Lines

Undercover Boss has become a hit TV series by showing big corporate bosses going undercover and discovering the reality of the work lives of their employees. As leaders, we do not need to go undercover; we just need to get … Continue reading

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The Oz Principle – Be Accountable, Be Responsible, Be Answerable

In their book, The Oz Principle – Getting Results Through Individual and Organizational Accountability, Roger Connors, Tom Smith and Craig Hickman discuss the pervasive lack of accountability in the corporate world. Dirty Little Secret The dirty little secret is that … Continue reading

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Does Your Company Have the Right DNA?

Businesses have been using personality tests for years to determine employee’s thinking styles and corporate fit. In general, the benefit from all this testing and analysis has been meager. The test results, communicated in complex language, are not easy to … Continue reading

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For Better Business Results, Use Yellow Lights

Quick Question Why are functioning traffic lights at an intersection so much better than a policeman signaling traffic? The yellow light gives each driver a signal in advance, a heads-up allowing all approaching traffic to make decisions ahead of time … Continue reading

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Four Reasons Why Leaders Don’t Take Action

The external environment is changing; we are living in the “New Normal”. The business is falling behind and weakening. Yet, nothing happens. No change takes place. Critical issues are not addressed. The leadership continues to do what it has always … Continue reading

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Seek Out the True Truth

“There are three sides to every story: your side, my side and the truth. And no one is lying.” Robert Evans (Hollywood Producer) For business leaders, it is vital to seek out and find the “true truth” in order to … Continue reading

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Are You Being Honest? Are You Really Being Honest?

  The first fundamental of a Winning Business is to “Do the Right Thing.” The first fundamental of doing the right thing is to be ethical. That is, to have integrity and honesty. I leave to a later blog my … Continue reading

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Do You Really Know How Your Managers are Managing?

As the size of your business gets larger than $20M or so, you inevitably have to delegate a large part of the running of the business to your key leadership team, some of whom may not be located in the … Continue reading

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