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Leadership Delusion: The 25 Lies Crappy Business Leaders Tell Themselves

The worst thing about bad business leaders is that they genuinely believe that they are doing excellent work. Yes, they may realize that their companies are not performing. But in their minds, it is not their leadership. It is the … Continue reading

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The Most Seductive and Dangerous Mistake Smart Leaders Make

Business leaders are on the firing line, making it happen, and trying to realize ever more difficult goals. Far too often, for every one step forward, they take one, two or three steps backwards by making that most seductive and … Continue reading

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Does Your Company Have the Right DNA?

Businesses have been using personality tests for years to determine employee’s thinking styles and corporate fit. In general, the benefit from all this testing and analysis has been meager. The test results, communicated in complex language, are not easy to … Continue reading

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Four Reasons Why Leaders Don’t Take Action

The external environment is changing; we are living in the “New Normal”. The business is falling behind and weakening. Yet, nothing happens. No change takes place. Critical issues are not addressed. The leadership continues to do what it has always … Continue reading

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How the Mighty Fall (Jim Collins)

How the Mighty Fall and Why Some Companies Never Give In: Jim Collins Summary For companies, there are Five Stages of Decline Hubris (excessive pride) born of success When “we are successful because we do these specific things” replaces the … Continue reading

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