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Selling When We are Not in Sales

No matter what our title is, we are all salespeople.  Whenever we are trying to… persuade others lobby for our point of view satisfy a disgruntled customer ask for a raise… we are selling. Below I offer nine suggestions (from … Continue reading

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Sales and Marketing in a Time and Attention Starved World

In today’s over-saturated world of twenty four hour media, advertisement, and promotion, we are drowning in too much data and too many messages. Our brains are full, and our attention span is depleted. Paradoxically, despite this flood of information, we … Continue reading

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How to Make Yourself Heard Above the Noise

The biggest challenge “was just getting people to pay attention. It’s seventy percent of the battle.” Dan Gilbert, CEO of Quicken Loans With today’s biblical flood of information and communication, how do you get your message heard by the right … Continue reading

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