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Master These Three Processes First in Order to Thrive in 2013

Every year, countless companies undertake process improvements and change initiatives.  Most fail. Generally, they fail for one of three reasons:

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Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance – An Inside View of a Successful Turnaround and Culture Change

In Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance? – Leading a Great Enterprise Through Dramatic Change, former IBM CEO, Lou Gerstner, gives a first-hand account of how he led the turnaround of IBM in the 1990’s. I recommend the book  for businesspeople … Continue reading

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Move Your Company Forward in 2012

Welcome to 2012! I remain confident that this will be the year that your company once again begins to soar. To help you with that I offer up six suggestions on how you can make a substantive change in your … Continue reading

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Business Turnaround 301 – Right People Doing the Right Job

In discussing business turnarounds, we have seen that the three fundamentals to turn a troubled business around are as follows: Understand Reality, Face Reality Focus, Prioritize, Plan (Less is More) Right People Doing the Right Job Today, we turn our … Continue reading

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It’s Your Ship – Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy

In this book, former Navy Captain D. Michael Abrashoff boils down the management and leadership techniques that helped his ship, the Benfold, become “the best damn ship in the Navy.” His 11 fundamentals are equally applicable in the business world. … Continue reading

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9 Keys to Driving Cultural Change

After years of little growth, command and control management, and cost-cutting, the cultures of many organizations need rejuvenating and tweaking in order to thrive in today’s difficult and increasingly competitive business environment. But, changing culture is difficult. As Lou Gerstner, … Continue reading

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Four Reasons Why Leaders Don’t Take Action

The external environment is changing; we are living in the “New Normal”. The business is falling behind and weakening. Yet, nothing happens. No change takes place. Critical issues are not addressed. The leadership continues to do what it has always … Continue reading

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