As a CEO, owner, or senior executive in a B2B company or business unit with revenues from $10M to $500M, you are tasked with performing, improving and growing your company despite today’s difficult business climate.


How Can You Improve Your Business Today?

  1. Execution
  2. Performance in a Competitive Market
  3. Marketing
  4. Growth Prospects
  5. Employees and Team
  6. Business Turnaround
  7. Ability to Get Things Done


Who Am I?

I am a broadly experienced President, CEO, and COO with eleven years of experience as President of a group of manufacturing, distribution, retail, and services companies.  In that time, I have led a total of 20 different B2B businesses.  I have “been there, done that and eaten my own cooking.”

By sharing my insights and experiences, I hope to provide you with straightforward ideas and resources that can help you perform, improve, and grow your business.

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  1. Paul McCreery says:

    Thanks! I’m enrolled in one of the Kauffman FASTTRAC courses for technology based entrepreneurs and I need all of the help I can get. Your blog was highly recommended. I appreciate what you are doing.

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